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Rose and jojoba organic soap

Organic Rose and Jojoba Soap 100 gr: Contains rose and jojoba, precious ingredients with extraordinary cleansing and anti-aging properties. This...

Lime blossom and mallow soap

Organic Lime blossom and Mallow Soap 100 gr: The sweetness of the natural extracts of lime blossom and mallow combined in a soap suitable for all...

Organic cinnamon and tangerine soap

Organic cinnamon and tangerine soap 100 gr: Spicy cuddles for the daily cleansing of your skin. It contains organic extra virgin olive oil, (rich...

Organic lavender soap

Organic soap with lavender flowers 100 gr: The freshness of lavender flowers combined with the delicate scent of ylang ylang gives the soap...

Organic soap with shea butter and wheat germ

Organic Soap Shea Butter and Wheat Germ 100 gr: Soap rich in eudermic vegetable oils and naturally coloured with precious turmeric powder. Contains...

Extra virgin olive oil organic soap

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Organic Soap 100 gr: A simple and essential soap for all skin types. It contains 100% organic extra virgin olive oil....